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I recommend Heather if you would like to communicate to your pet. She is the real deal. She had it right when she described how my dog, Miles, used to play with his (very recently deceased) best friend dog, and that Miles is waiting for him to arrive to play once again. It was touching to know that Miles is around me and my new pups, and even watches over me. Heather was very professional and easy to work with. It is my understanding that she trained to be an Animal Communicator for over a year. Through our spouse's jobs, I have known her for two decades, and I knew the caliber of person she was. I knew she was a tremendous dog lover. Having a session with her was an enriching experience.


 I honestly went into it completely open minded and not sure what to expect and actually did not know which pet I wanted to connect with until I was on the phone for our session.  I was thoroughly surprised how my girl came across to Heather and how she sees herself.  It was actually spot on to how my family and I feel she is.  And actually a little humorous but that made even more “her”.


What I found most valuable about the session is how validating it is to know how my dog/girl sees herself and how she connects with me.  I actually asked my dog a question that she answered with a way only I could understand.  And her answer is one I will hold dear and is nothing short of just “wow”!

I would recommend To anyone wanting to connect with their pet on another level or just to receive a bit of validation of your relationship.  Or if you would like to know what it feels like to be your pet...if there are issues there I believe Heather could be very helpful to you.  Heather did not know me or my pet and could not have known the things she told me with out being able to truly connect with my dog.  It was amazing, Heather was amazing.

Thank you for letting me talk to my girl on a new level.  The experience was something I will hold dear forever.  


I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for my dog Zoey. You really connected with her and described her personality to a T. Including her energy and personality - but you also described her unique way of greeting new people! She has a big personality and you connected with her 100 percent. It's amazing to me that you were able to know so much about a dog that you have never met! Also, I really appreciate that you were able to tell me about the role she is playing in my life as well. It made a lot of sense and I'll never look at her the same again as I know she is helping me learn some important lessons. I can't believe that I have had dogs my whole life and never knew this was possible or that it would be such an important thing for me to know. You have completely changed my thinking about my pets. I will tell my friends and family about your amazing abilities and how important it is to have a reading for their pets as well. And I'll be contacting you to read my other babies! Thanks again.


I worked with Heather to communicate with Barney, an Airedale who passed away decades ago. He was the first dog that Paula and I had together. What surprised me about the session with Heather was that Barney's specialness came through in her descriptions of him and his responses, while she couldn't possibly have known him. My question for Barney was answered clearly and confirmed what I had suspected. His soul lesson for me explained much of his interactions with me and much that has occurred since his death. Overall, the experience was rewarding and left me feeling warm and happy. I recommend Heather highly.


Honestly, one of the best readings I've ever had done and so thankful I did this. When looking for someone, Heather was the only one who did a soul lesson from the animal and that is such an important message for any human. I've had personal mediumship readings and reiki sessions for myself but what Heather said in my horse's reading was the most spot on I've ever had. All I did was tell her the name and that she's a horse. She didn't have a picture of her. She didn't have any info on me. She described scenarios I gave her no details too. The body mapping is a must for any pet owner. I can't wait to do another session in the future and dive deeper. It was a wholesome experience for both of us. If you stumbled upon her page while looking for an animal communicator, it was for a reason. Stop searching and book her!

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