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Q.  How do I prepare for my reading?

A. Find a quiet place where you will be able to focus on the reading without interruptions. Have a pen and paper available to take notes on the reading. Sometimes the information I share may not make sense at the time but you may have an “aha moment” later on and it is nice to be able to refer to your notes to refresh your memory. 


Q.  What should I expect from my Animal Communication reading?

A.  Each reading is done over the phone or video chat.  I will contact you for the reading at the number you enter when you book the appointment. I will connect intuitively with you first and then your animal, to allow for open communication between the three of us.  Then you will have the opportunity to ask one or more questions to your animal depending on the length of reading you have chosen. Then I will ask about the Soul Lesson that the animal is working on you with to help you grow and evolve.  I will ask you from time to time if something makes sense.  Please use your words to answer honestly as I may not be able to see you nodding your head. I will also be relaying to you what the animal wants to share with you directly in the way that they convey it to me (i.e. they use all of my senses to get their message across in the way that I can communicate it to you.).


Q.  Can anyone else join me for my reading?

A.  No, because the reading is specifically for you and your animal.  If there are many other people that have a relationship with the animal, they will need to do individual readings as each one has a unique relationship with the animal and the animal will have different messages for each individual.


Q.  Does my animal need to be present for the reading?

A.  No. I connect with your animal intuitively, so your animal can be anywhere. 


Q. Can you do a reading with an animal that is resting in peace?

A.  Yes, I connect with your animal intuitively, so your animal can be alive or resting in peace.  I do ask that you give at least 2-3 weeks since your animal has crossed over to allow for the emotions of it to settle a bit.


Q.  What do I do while in the reading?

A.  Your job as a “readee” is to start out by keeping an open mind as some things may not resonate right away with you but may later.  Also, when I ask you if something makes sense, please respond with a simple “yes” or “no”.  Excess information and details from you can be distracting for me. Less is more during a reading.


Q.  Do I need a picture of my animal for the reading?

A.  No, a picture is not necessary, as I connect intuitively with your animal.


Q.  Can I get a reading on my friend’s/parent’s/neighbor’s/sibling’s animal?

A.  No, I only read animals that have a direct connection with you.  If your friend/parent/neighbor/sibling would like me to connect with their animal then the will need to schedule a reading with me directly.

Q. Can I get a reading on a missing animal?

A. No, I do not do readings for missing or lost animals. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A.  All sessions may be cancelled and refunded or rescheduled with at least 48 hours notice.  No refunds will be issued for appointment no-shows.

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