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I have always been an animal lover because for as long as I can remember, my dog(s) has been my best friend.  I was the youngest child in my family and my older brothers (13 years and 17 years older) were not in my household as a toddler and through childhood.  But you know who was….my Brittany Spaniel, Britt (my parents named her that original name before I was born).  When I was about 8 years old, my parents and I went on vacation. While we were gone, Britt, was put to sleep because she had cancer. I was so sad that I didn’t get to say good-bye to her, and that stuck with me ever since.  I wished that there was a way I could say “good-bye” to her. 

When I was in college, I had a job at a local emergency vet and interned at the zoo observing the Polar Bears.  I started to learn about what animals felt by the actions they were taking. It was fascinating!


After graduating from college. I met my husband.  When we got married, our wedding gift to each other was to adopt a Great Dane from rescue. It was two of the best gifts EVER (getting married and the Great Dane, Cooper). Once we adopted Cooper, he opened us up to the world of volunteering for dog rescues.  We fostered so many Great Danes and Cocker Spaniels.  They were some the most rewarding experiences. YES, of course I sobbed EVERY time they went to their “forever home”.  YES, we were “foster failures” a few times.  YES, each dog we fostered/adopted had incredible lessons for me to learn along the way. Sometimes I was a bit dense and so the lessons had to keep being taught by multiple dogs.  Most of the time, my husband would leave decisions about the dogs up to me just because he felt like I had such a connection with them and could "read" what was going on with them.


After leaving the financial world I tried on a few other professions: legal assistant, yoga teacher, pet sitter and veterinary assistant.  During that time, we started taking our dogs to see an Integrative Medicine/Holistic Veterinarian who I eventually ended up working for.  She opened my eyes to how my energy was affecting the animals when I entered the room and to do my best to keep a calm energy about me when I was working with the animals and their humans.  She introduced me to the term ‘Animal Communicator” when she used one to communicate with her dog. I was like “WHAAAT? THAT’S SO INTERESTING!”.  She taught me so many things while I worked for her that I use daily that I am grateful for.   Then she retired and didn’t sell the practice.  So I was left wondering what to do with my professional life.


That was when it happened: I took a Reiki class with my mom, and learned that you can send Reiki distantly and that you could also do Reiki on animals (in person or distantly).  That blew my mind!! I was merely to be the vessel through which the energy flowed and that was done through intention.  THIS IS SOME REALLY COOL STUFF!


Then I found out that my hairdresser of 9 years, Paula, had come down with cancer.  I decided to be one of her advocates throughout her 5 year journey with stage 4 cancer. Unfortunately, I was on vacation in California when she passed.  While there, I was on a hike, and had this butterfly flying beside me for the longest time.  I had a feeling that it was telling me that the end was near for Paula.  The next day, I got a call from her daughter telling me she had passed.  Along with being very sad, I also got the chills thinking that I had received a message from a butterfly.


Remember how I said that I was a yoga teacher for a while?  When I was doing my certification, I found out about this place called Kripalu.   I wanted to go there for 18 years because they offer all kinds of yoga classes daily and many other self-improvement types of classes.  I sifted through their catalog every time it came, thinking: is this the year I go to Kripalu? Well, this time, the answer was “HECK YEAH” because I saw that Soul Level Animal Communication classes were being taught by Danielle MacKinnon.  I thought: “This is my chance to talk to my animals and other’s too!”….and “if I don’t GET IT at least I got to go to Kripalu finally!”

Well folks, I GOT IT!! More than that, I LOVE  IT! Doing Soul Level Animal Communication makes my heart sing.  It is such an honor to serve my clients in such a unique way.

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